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Conversa Health

As healthcare’s conversation platform, Conversa delivers an easy and meaningful way for care teams and patients to communicate. Conversa has an extensive library of over 400 clinically-intelligent conversation programs that include COPD, CHF, diabetes, hypertension, joint replacement, and many more. Using Conversa’s scalable Conversational AI technology, healthcare organizations deliver automated, personalized doctor-patient conversation experiences leading to more meaningful patient relationships, population management and better clinical and financial outcomes.


HGS provides business process management (BPM) services from traditional voice contact centers to digital, back-office, and marketing solutions. With 44,200 employees in 68 worldwide locations, HGS expertise spans industries that include telecommunications and media, healthcare, insurance, banking, consumer electronics and technology, retail, consumer packaged goods, and the public sector.


MirrorMe3D believes patient data should be more easily utilized by both patients and physicians, no matter what. That’s why we’ve built the first 3D data platform optimized for patients and surgeons. Our platform unites critical stakeholders increasing efficiency, communication, and security.

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